I Am Esmé Cadiente,

a devoted traveler and student of the world, loving wife, learned scientist, artistic photographer, creative cook, and proud human of the little orange bullet—an adorable coyote-fox-dog (#travelingcoyote). I live in Santa Fe, NM with my husband and our pup where I work as a wedding and travel photographer. My husband and I travel as often as we can, sometimes months at a time—we go where our intuition takes us, where we can ski, surf, climb mountains, eat weird foods, visit friends, make friends, couchsurf, communicate in hand gestures, and learn something new. When I am not shooting weddings or traveling, I work as a forest ecologist in the field of land conservation, forest restoration and fire ecology.

Use this site to view my wedding photography, contact me for your wedding, and to explore The Terra Project - a travel writing and photography project I started that empowers people to experience a shared connection to other special places, people and cultures in this world through trues stories and raw photography. 

I love adventures, people and love stories. In my travel and wedding photography I strive to capture stories as they happen, and in a style that is organic, raw, palpable, and vibrant. 


Photos, from top to bottom:  Bri Cimino | Tracy Anderson | Isaac Cadiente

Tracy Anderson
Esme Japan sea

About my wedding photography

My photographic style reflects warmth, spontaneity, natural settings and interesting architectural backgrounds, natural light, and palpable emotion. I prefer to use my camera handheld in order to capture the fleeting moments that build to tell a story. My photography is more documentary than staged, but more fine-art than journalistic.

In my wedding photography you will find that I use soft light, incredible scenery, and a shallow depth of field to isolate subjects and details that tell your story. I capture the day as it feels in the moment –the laughter as your bridesmaid fumbles with helping you put on fake eyelashes, the look of joy in your mothers eyes as she helps you into your dress, the clouds building over your ceremony, the sun setting behind the mountains as the dancing begins, the smear of cake on a child’s nose, the twinkle of candles in the moonlight, the happiness of the two of you...in love and married. I want you to be able to look back at your photos and relive the feeling of your wedding day.  

Weddings are an adventure!

 I use natural light and incredible scenery to genuinely depict all that is special and unique about your love story. 

I will also create portraits of the two of you that will capture all of the love and the passion that stands behind a wedding day, as well as the moments that you don't see - your guest's emotions, love and laughter as they experience your wedding day with you.

Weddings are an adventure, as is life. I want to share your adventure with you by capturing your love story from behind the lens. If you share a passion for life, love and a desire to adventure, let's start a conversation. I am a Santa Fe, NM and Durango, CO based wedding photographer, but I travel all over the world to photograph. Don't let a little distance stop you from contacting me!

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
— Ibn Battuta