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Love in the Pines - Amber & Andy, Durango, Colorado

Love in the Pines - Amber & Andy, Durango, Colorado

The first dance began and Amber and Andy waltzed across the floor as husband and wife...until the music suddenly stopped. Amber and Andy halted, turned, the music started again, but this time to a different song and Amber and Andy broke into a hilarious choreographed dance that changed every second to incorporate a new song and dance. The crowd was in a roar, cheersing and laughing, half in disbelief. When the dance finally ended, half the room had joined them on the dance floor and the party was in full swing.

'It's all about Evie' - Casey and Adam, Santa Fe, NM

esme cadiente photography

"It's all about Evie". That's what Casey and Adam told me over the phone when we had their wedding photography consultation. Their gorgeous baby Evie made this an easy job for me. She was smiles the whole night, almost like she knew this was an extraordinarily special day. Casey and Adam have been wanting to get married for a long time. They decided it was finally time to just do it, and with the help of family and friends, they pulled together a lovely summer wedding at a private residence just outside of Santa Fe, NM in no time at all. They picked 7/7/17 as their wedding date. The Santa Fe Community College culinary school food truck catered the wedding with delicious tacos made from local ingredients. Family flew in from all over the country to gather for this joyous occasion on a perfect summer night. Thunder clouds rolled around in the background and wind made a brief debut, but the stormy weather only made the scenery even more beautiful. It was a perfect wedding for this sweet couple, and of course, for baby Evie who had the wonderful opportunity to participate in her parents wedding. To access their complete wedding gallery, click the link below. You can view and order prints from their complete wedding gallery.

An Autumn Romance - Lindsey and Lucas, Santa Fe, NM

The horns from the Big Band faded into the night as I climbed the hill behind Lindsey and Lucas's wedding venue. I was up here to get a good vantage of the raucous celebration below me. The stars twinkled bright in the October night casting a glow over the party below. It was a beautiful night for a wedding in the Santa Fe National Forest a few miles from downtown Santa Fe, NM.

Lindsey and Lucas were high school sweethearts and are the kind of couple that you just know are meant for each other. They are fun, kindhearted and laid back individuals which was reflected in their gorgeous fall wedding in the mountains near where they grew up. Lindsey and Lucas's friends and family were a very important part of the wedding and helped with the preparation and execution in many ways. 

Lindsey's friend Erica from Wild Hare, a salon in the Santa Fe Railyard District, did her hair and makeup. Lindsey's mother, sister and sister in-law accompanied her to the salon where they broke out the champagne. Lucas was accompanied by his three groomsmen and their chosen officiant, another close friend, to get ready in their room at the Sage Inn. The cakes were made by Milly (@pietarian) a friend and professional baker in Durango, CO. The luxurious paper flowers were hand made by Lindsey, her mother and her mother in-law and the officiant was a close friend from college. 

The ceremony and reception were at the historic lodge at Hyde Memorial State Park in Santa Fe, New Mexico located at 9,000 ft. The aspens surrounding the venue were in a full-yellow stage and simply gorgeous as Lindsey and Lucas exchanged vows in the forest. Lovely traditional New Mexican fare was served by Real Burger, a caterer in Santa Fe and wine and local beers were passed around freely. A Big Band from Los Alamos played classic favorites and had everyone dancing and singing into the night. Sparklers at the end of the night marked the momentous union of these two amazing individuals.

Check out the photos below and if you would like to order prints or see more photos, visit Lindsey and Lucas's full wedding gallery (expires January 11th). Related posts: Lindsey and Lucas's engagement Part I and Part II

wild hare salon
grey goose
lindsey sprinkle
hyde memorial state park
hyde memorial state park

'You are it for me' - Allie & Breck, Corset Ranch, Colorado

On a beautiful August day in Colorado, Allie and Breck got married along the banks of the Rio Grande. The wedding took place on Allie’s family ranch near Del Norte, Colorado. Allie wore a lovely white lace dress and beautiful embroidered boots. Her five bridesmaids, dressed in navy, also wore boots and carried sunflowers. Breck wore a stunning blue suit, complimented by his five groomsmen in navy vests.

When I had the first consultation with Allie and Breck, I asked them what was their most anticipated moment of the day. They both replied that it was the first look. They had decided not to see each other the night before the wedding, making the first look even more special. We arranged the first look to take place in a barn on the ranch. Breck stood outside the barn and Allie held his hand from just inside the door. Breck slowly pulled Allie out from the shadows to reveal his beautiful bride for the first time. It was a lovely moment.

The ceremony and festivities that took place the rest of the day and late into the night was one of joy and love with friends and family. The setting was amazing for a perfect ranch wedding. We snapped photos on bales of hay, in an old buggy, at sunset in the wheat fields, and along a gorgeous section of the Rio Grande River. The evening culminated in a giant bonfire and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Enjoy the photos!

If you would like to order prints or view more of the photos from this wedding, follow the link at the end of this post.

If you would like to order prints or view more of the photos from this wedding, visit Allie and Breck’s full gallery (expires on November 11th):

Angela & Wesley, Purgatory, Colorado

purgatory resort

When I first met with Angela and Wesley for their wedding photography consultation we talked a little about their upcoming wedding and we talked a LOT about traveling. We hit it off immediately, swapping stories about Iceland and Slovenia while the waitress brought us more and more wine.  I think it is truly important to make a connection like that with your wedding photographer since this is the person who is by your side the entire day - for intimate moments, private moments and silly moments. I knew immediately that I would love photographing Angela and Wes's wedding day. They were so loving to one another and had a great sense of adventure. Angela and Wes got married at Purgatory Resort (formerly Durango Mountain Resort) at Dante's - a special place for them. Their dog, also named Dante, was an important part of the day and wore his own matching tie. They wedding was lovely, filled with beautiful guests, rainclouds in the distance, wonderful local flowers from April's Garden and looming peaks for a gorgeous backdrop. Thank you for including me in your special day, I was honored to be there!

Kate and Sungie's Fairytale Wedding - Horning's Hideout, Portland, OR

Kate and Sungie got married on a beautiful afternoon at Horning's Hideout outside of Portland, OR. The rain came down minutes before the ceremony and stopped just in time to allow this gorgeous wedding to happen in a fairytale-like forest setting amongst the pines. The bridesmaids wore an assortment of pastels and the bridal party carried white tulips that stood out against the greenery of the forest. The groom and bride each had a groomsmaid and bridesman - people that were every bit as important to them as their male and female counterparts. The wedding party was a jovial, fun-loving group of people and the families on both sides were very proud and celebratory. The wedding was as perfect as a fairytale could be in a setting that matched. 

Perins Peak Sunset - Durango Family Portrait

Sarah and her family were so much fun to work with! We chose a color palette of navy, light blue, coral and tan to complement the soft light from the early summer evening shoot. Her two young girls were exuberant and sweet and the whole shoot was a delight. We got the posed shots out of the way first thing and then let the girls play in the dusk glow with Perins Peak in the background, shooting real moments of sisterly love as they played. I truly believe that family photo shoots should be a fun experience for both children and adults, and should reflect the sense of playfulness, creativity and love that the family brings to it.  This shoot certainly does just that. Thank you to the Douglas family for spending this lovely evening with me in some of Durango's most iconic scenic places.