The importance of getting ready photos

Consider this situation. The second book in your favorite three-part series just came out. You have been waiting for this book to come out for months. Would you immediately skip to the middle and start reading? No! most likely, you would not. You would start at the beginning, savoring every word until you finally turned the last page, sad for it to end but elated from the story. Your wedding day is a story - an edition in the series of your life. The story of your wedding day begins as you gather with your bridesmaids and your mother to start getting ready. 

It is the awkward curlers in your hair, the insistence of the flower girl to wear her shirt backwards, It is a friend practicing a speech on the back porch, it is your carefully chosen location- often beautiful and worth a memory.

It is the the champagne toasts in matching glasses, the dresses hanging in the window waiting to be worn. It is the groomsmen goofing off until the last minute when they change into pressed shirts and ties.

It is the color of the light coming in through the windows on the day of your wedding, It is excitement, anticipation, laughter and that certain sleep-over-like quality that happens when we get all of our best friends in a room together. 

These are moments that you don't want to miss. They are fleeting, candid and one of a kind. 

Furthermore, getting ready photos provide the photographer with an important opportunity to build rapport with the wedding party and families. The photographer is able to build familiarity with those close to the bride and groom in a relaxed atmosphere. This later adds an element of trust, enabling people to be themselves in front of the camera and the photographer for wedding portraits and reception photos. The more time the photographer gets around your family and friends, the more trust builds and the better the photos will be.