Safety Kelly Tries Out Pregnancy - Durango, Colorado Couples Photography

Kelly first told me she was pregnant the day after we had come back from a lift-served downhill mountain biking trip in Northern New Mexico. This was the same trip that left my husband with tiger striped scars across his entire shoulder, another friend with a concussion and an unfortunate tree with a bike-handle-sized chunk taken out of its trunk.

Kelly is one of those people that exudes joyfulness and embraces life. She always pushes her abilities whether it be climbing, biking, skiing, cooking or in her career as a successful engineer. These qualities rub off on her friends and you can find yourself doing things you never thought you would do when are with Kelly. She is one hell of a special human being – as is her wonderful husband, but that is a story for another day.

Now that you know Kelly, lets get back to the pregnant downhill mountain biking. Don’t get me wrong, Kelly isn’t rash or impetuous. In fact, she is quite the opposite. We call her Safety Kelly because although she is adventurous, she is calculated and analytical. She makes decisions based on excel spreadsheets with complicated algorithms that weigh pros and cons, statistical evidence and scientific facts. The decision that brought Kelly to go downhill mountain biking at this point in her life was, I assure you, very well thought out so as to deliver her safely to the bottom of the lift each run.

Moral of the story: You have one amazing woman with the exceptional ability to live life to the fullest whilst maintain a balance between work, play, love, adventure, well-being and happiness. There is no question that Kelly and Tae will be wonderful parents. I can’t imagine a luckier child. And for the record, Baby Otis’ first mountain bike trip was from the womb, careening through aspens, around bank turns and flying through the forest.

I had the great opportunity to share an afternoon photographing this lovely couple. I hope you enjoy these photos as much I do. Thank you Tae and Kelly for sharing this intimate time with me.