The Faces of Fire

This is Us.

We are firefighters. We are mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers. We are scientists, lawyers, judges, machine workers, engineers, photographers, massage therapists, volunteers, and lovers of the outdoors. We come together to protect and restore the lands we love.

This is what we do. 

We protect communities from wildfire, promote healthy forests, and restore ecological integrity. 

firefighter in the smoke
esme cadiente photography

This is how we do it.

Long hours, heavy packs, arduous work, breathing smoke and weeks away from loved ones will eventually wear you down; but we maintain crew moral by building a reliance on one another, chewing pine sap to stay hydrated, occasionally finding wild onions to cook later, holding polaski competitions, and telling stories in the field. We build a camaraderie amongst squads that carries us through the hard work to accomplish our goals for the communities and forests that rely on us.

Images taken while on assignment for the Forest Stewards Guild near Peñasco, NM. The Forest Stewards Guild is a non-profit, professional organization of forest stewards, associated natural resource professionals, and affiliates who are passionate about restoring and sustaining the integrity of our forests while meeting the needs of the communities that rely on them.