Scott & Carlin - Wedding, Hesperus, CO

"We were pleasantly surprised and impressed by Esmé at every turn. We were initially interested in her work because we felt that her subjects’ personality came through in such creative and personal ways. Esmé’s photos showed creativity and attention to detail that captured small moments in engrossing, unpredictable ways. These traits were important to me because I wanted to avoid feeling pressured to look“pretty” for pictures--I simply wanted to enjoy the day and have interesting moments captured from a third eye!

THANK YOU, ESME for paying such loving attention to so many details, and really helping me to slow down and enjoy the moment. We would highly recommend Esmé to others who are looking for far more than just the basic point-and-shoot photographer!" - Scott and Carlin, Durango, CO

Carlin - Colorado Wedding

"Like a lot of brides, I had a lot on my mind that day, and was really appreciative of how Esmé put me at ease with her calm and attentive presence. She blended into the group easily while she busily snapped interesting moments. As the wedding went on, it felt that she became an important part of the party, and we all enjoyed having her there. More than just capturing the moment, she added to it."  - Carlin

Douglas Family - Photoshoot

"We had a great experience getting family photos taken by Esmé. She was very relaxed throughout the entire shoot, which put us all at ease. The session felt like a casual afternoon exploring outside, with photos being taken! She also had a lot of great ideas for setting us up in a relaxed and natural way - nothing felt forced or posed. I appreciated that Esmé allowed the kids to have fun with the photos and bring in some of their silliness as well."