Melissa and Kalon - California wedding photography

New Mexico wedding photographer

Esme is a friend of my husband and we hoped early on that she would be able to photograph our wedding. I had only met her briefly but was looking forward to having her spend this special day with me. We weren't really doing things traditionally and weren't exactly prepared to get all of the photos we wanted. I was wrapped up in my own wedding day world (as I'm sure every bride is). Esme took it upon herself to get the pictures of our rings, my dress, the things that I said I didn't care about and in retrospect am so grateful that I have photos of. I was running late getting ready and Esme was so relaxed and calm, reminding me that 'nothing started without me.' She managed to round up our families and made sure that we got ALL of the photos that we wanted. I could not have imagined just how hard her job is! Our photos are stunning and Esme was the perfect companion to me on my big day. She has such a calming energy and really takes her job seriously. We LOVE our photos and we LOVE Esme even more. We could not have asked for a more perfect photographer for our wedding day!